Fu¢k You, Television

It was with some trepidation that my husband G. Grod and I watched Bones last night. Since last Friday’s wretched Battlestar ep, we’ve watched some dreadful TV. So much for absence makes the heart grow fonder. Heroes (why is there anyone but Hiro on the show?), Veronica, House all chipped away at our confidence in tv to entertain. And again, I think we can blame things on the frakkin’ crying. Bones was so bad that we fast forwarded through most of it. The only redeeming point is that Epps is now dead, so they can’t do any more stories about him. What does it say that one of the protagonist’s chief nemeses makes for the worst eps? Bones gets one more chance to be good before we cancel our Tivo season pass. Sweeps week starts tonight. Will it bring an increase in quality–were the shows blowing the crap out of their systems to clear a path for dazzling entertainment? Or will they continue to shovel faux-emotional drivel at us? And depriving us of good stuff while including said drivel? Some people should start looking at handbaskets, if you ask me.

Oh, Earl and Office, please don’t let me down tonight. I am tired, and need to laugh. (Brief, bitter memory of dear, departed Arrested Development. Gah.)

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