An Uncharacteristic Entry: Eagles vs. Lions 9/23/07

It’s the 75th anniversary of Philadelphia Eagles football, so the Eagles were wearing new and different uniforms today, in an homage to Philadelphia and its Swedish heritage–?

First, the yellow and blue jerseys were ugly. Second, I had a hard time remembering which team was the Eagles since the colors were so different from their usual ones. Third, isn’t Pennsylvania’s heritage German, since the “Dutch” got misunderstood from “Deutsche”? Finally, did anyone else think it odd to see a bunch of mostly African-American guys running around in the colors of the Swedish flag?

My husband G. Grod is an Eagles fan, and the season has gone rather badly until today. A few quotes from the game that amused me:

Before halftime: “The Eagles have played almost perfectly up to this point.”

On Brian Westbrook: “He’s like a Ferrari in traffic.” and “Maybe he needs to skip training every week.” (He was out of team practice this week for a knee injury.)

The Eagles’ first win of the season was decisive, at 56-21. G. is in a very good mood.

2 Responses to “An Uncharacteristic Entry: Eagles vs. Lions 9/23/07”

  1. T Says:

    Is he normally very negative about the eagles, my husband is. I actually couldn’t believe he had good comments about the game, nothing negative. Of course I got to hear the eagles chant over and over again.

  2. girldetective Says:

    The Eagles fight song is one of the first songs my kids learn, and thus they learn to spell Eagles before almost everything else: E A G L E S!

    They’re having a rough season.