When Bill Clinton guested on The Daily Show the other week, he said he thought a lot of the DC political irritability is due to lack of sleep.

Since having one kid, and more so after having a second, I have become a sleep believer. Before, I never napped. I didn’t think I could. Since becoming a parent I’ve learned otherwise. I didn’t or wouldn’t nap because I was anxious and felt I should be doing something else. Now I know that there are few things that “should” be done ahead of sleep. There’s a reason it’s on the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, along with eating, drinking, and breathing.

Merlin at 43 Folders shows some love for the nap, too. I’d never heard of dropping the spoon, but I’ve always thought drool is the best proof of nap.

43 Folders has some great ideas on email-box management called Inbox Zero that I need to start now. But then, I’ve said that before, way back when I only had 580 emails in my inboxes. Now I’ve got over 700. Sigh.

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