“Baby” Guppy is two today. He is a sweet, good-natured toddler with a sturdy build, and already has lost a great deal of his baby roundness. Like his older brother Drake, (or more likely, in imitation of him), Guppy loves cars, music and books. Unlike Drake, though, he loves to color. He’s long been talking, and does a pretty good job of making himself understood. I cherish the mispronunciations that I know will pass so soon, like buh-bloon, senk oo (thank you), fots and big pi-yuh (big pile), which signifies a large amount of any item (cars, milk, mac and cheese, books, etc.) Two years ago our lives developed new depth when Guppy arrived to complete our little family.

2 Responses to “Two!”

  1. weirleader Says:

    thanks for the reminder of what they (the twos) were like… :-)

    our “baby” will be six in several months, and it’s so easy to forget all those little details that I swore I never would.

    my wife and I were just discussing this morning the fact that our “baby” is developing “fashion consciousness”… that is to say, he insists on selecting his own clothes most mornings - whereas our oldest (just 8 today) couldn’t care less, much like his old man. :-)

  2. girldetective Says:

    I’m having to bite my tongue as 4yo Drake puts on his own pants (yay!), but backwards (silent boo.)