Definitely, Maybe (2008)

My husband and I tag teamed to the movies this weekend. This meant avoiding the cost of a sitter, both getting matinee prices, and that we didn’t have to agree on movies. He saw The Bank Job, which he liked a lot, and I saw Definitely, Maybe. It was pretty good.

Ryan Reynolds is about to get a divorce from the mother of his 8yo daughter. She demands the story of how her parents met. Disguising the details, he tells her about the three different women in his life, and has her guess which is her mom. Reynolds, though good looking, is a bit stiff in the lead. Abigail Breslin is sweet but not cloying as the daughter. Rachel Weisz and Elizabeth Banks do fine jobs, Kevin Kline steals every scene he’s in, but Isla Fisher as April is the standout, along with her subplot about a copy of Jane Eyre. Definitely, Maybe is good, not great, with a bit more substance, style and skill than most romantic comedies.

When I was in NYC last fall, my friend N and I passed Reynolds leaving Banana Republic. He had thick, very reddish hair, and a very full beard. He looked quite different from the clean cut Will Hayes in this movie.

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