The Briefness of Baby Talk

One of the small-talk comments people make to parents is “it goes so fast.” In many ways, I don’t find that’s true. Days are long, and nights are far too short of sleep. One thing I know will pass, though, is the cute way that 2yo Guppy pronounces words. I think back to some of Drake’s mispronunciations (”foozee” for smoothie was a particular favorite, as was “beow” for cat and “kiko” for thank you) , and marvel that at 4 the only vestiges are blurry r’s and l’s.

Guppy drops his s’s, so spoon is “pooon”. I know there are naughty connotations, but it’s really cute to hear. Balloon is “buh-bloon”, thank you is “senk oo”, Lightning (as in McQueen) is “Lie-ping”, but I think my favorite is how he says dessert–”Buh-zert! Buh-zert!”, always twice and with great excitment.

2 Responses to “The Briefness of Baby Talk”

  1. weirleader Says:

    yeah, our “baby” is nearly 6 and just about all the baby talk is gone. Boy, do I miss it! I’m also dreadfully afraid of the day I realize that he’s not small and cuddly anymore!

    As for the memorable words, I can think of “momminoos” (vitamins) and “nunex” (kleenex). I’m sure there were more, but alas… they slip away.

  2. girldetective Says:

    I find that parenting little kids is such an immediate, visceral experience that I can’t imagine forgetting anything, yet I am always so wrapped up in whatever the current age/stage is that the ones of the past do disappear. It’s funny to see Guppy doing so many of the same things Drake did–like, oh, yeah, he used to insist on holding the garage door handle as it went down, too.