Wall E (2008)

I took 4yo Drake to Wall E last weekend. I told him if he got scared we could leave; last year we left Ratatouille early on. This year things went much better. He got scared toward the end, but agreed to stay when I promised him Wall E would be OK. He thought Eve the robot was really cute, and he laughed aloud (as I did) many times, during both the short movie about the magician and the feature film.

I loved this film. The visuals and wordless story were so transporting that I often forgot I was in a theater, much less watching an animated film. The two lead robots are charming; the plot about fat/wasteful humans is on the obvious side, but not obnoxiously so.

We saw an afternoon show. There were many families there, and part of what made the experience enjoyable was listening to the kid commentary along the way. One girl summed it up well as the credits began to roll, “That was a GOOD movie!”

Discovered later, from link at The Morning News, a very sweet story about Pixar and Wall E. (Note: link fixed; thanks Becca!)

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  1. Steph Says:

    Saw this last night with my boyfriend… I hadn’t really been interested in it given the trailers I had seen previously, but your review prompted me to check out how it was doing on rotten tomatoes, and I was convinced to go see it. I really enjoyed it, and found it very sweet and touching (I cried twice). I did think it was a bit heavy-handed in its overall message, but I forgive it this because of how awesome the visuals were (and how darn cute Wall-E himself was!).