A Benefit of Bunk Beds

We have moved 5yo Drake and 2.5yo Guppy into the same room, with Guppy on the bottom bunk and out of his crib. Bedtimes have been unpleasant in the week or so since it happened. Boys up, running about the house, trying to sneak peeks of the television and movies that G. Grod and I watch at night. And from us, there are escalating threats about horrors like closing the top-of-stair gate, turning off the hall light, and closing the bedroom door.

But the boys are waking later in the morning. I get quiet time to myself. But no trifecta yet; Guppy is waking at least once a night after the transition, and I’m wondering if I need to break out the Ferber and Mindell books again.

One Response to “A Benefit of Bunk Beds”

  1. Kate Says:

    I love reading things that remind me we all end up at the same place even as I feel like I’m moving through this whole raising kid(s) thing alone . . . what is it with closing the top-of-the-stair gate? That is my threat of last resort and it almost always works: “Don’t close the gate, don’t close the gate, I’m in bed!”