Ignorant? Naive?

Or merely human? Pre-parenthood, I had no idea how much mess, noise, chaos, poop, and screaming was in store. I thought there would be unpleasantness balanced with joy. But I’ve found the joy to unpleasantness ratio discouragingly low up to now, with kids at 2.5 and 5yo.

Many mothers have told me that the 5 and 7 sibling age period is when things improve. I doubt it is a coincidence that those ages mean that both children are in school.

It has been a long summer. Beautiful weather, and many joys. But also much drudgery and frustration. I think we’ll all be happy to spend time with other people when preschool starts next week.

One Response to “Ignorant? Naive?”

  1. SmallWorld Reads Says:

    Your kids are at a very hard age, indeed. But it really, truly does get easier every single year! I don’t know about the 5 and 7 age thing. Mine quibbled a lot at 6 and 9 and still now at 7 and 10, but it’s a little less. Then again, mine are homeschooled so you are probably right–it may have to do with being at school!