“Burn After Reading” (2008)

I’ve read and watched a lot of tragedies lately, so I was in the mood for a comedy. Burn After Reading, by the Coen Brothers, did the job. Brad Pitt gave an especially funny, physical performance. The film’s aftertaste is bitter–there was a lot of violence, the frequency and vehemence of the cursing began to wear, and John Malkovich was perhaps a little too scary and intense. While Burn After Reading is far from a feel-good comedy, it did make me laugh, many times. That felt good.

One Response to ““Burn After Reading” (2008)”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I saw it with my two boys (teens) the weekend it came out, and we’re still walking around saying to each other, “are you worried…about the security…of your…._____”