They Grow Up So Fast

One of 5yo Drake’s favorite pastimes of late is using the Amarok music player on G. Grod’s computer, and selecting songs for mix CDs. When Drake was invited to a birthday party for a little girl he’s fond of, he wanted to make her a mix CD. G and I nearly fainted from the cuteness. Cute, though, is probably not the right adjective for the songs he picked. Eclectic might work, but “interesting” with inflection is probably more accurate. G. vetted the songs to weed out any inappropriate lyrics, but this still sounds like a pretty racy set: Supervixen? Her mom says the little girl likes it, though, so perhaps we’d better keep an eye on Drake and his progress with the ladies.

1. Borrowed Bride-Old 97s
2. 1234-Feist
3. King of Spain-Moxy Fruvous
4. We Used To Be Friends-The Dandy Warhols
5. Paper Wings-Rise Against
6. Sealion-Feist
7. Wildchild-Fatboy Slim
8. Life Less Frightening-Rise Against
9. Beautiful Day-U2
10. 1999-Prince
11. Supervixen-Garbage
12. Maria-Green Day
13. Poprocks & Coke-Green Day
14. New Sensation-INXS
15. Rollover D.J.-Jet
16. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)-Jason Mraz
17. New York, New York-Ryan Adams
18. Screaming at the Wailing Wall-Flogging Molly
19. Life Wasted-Pearl Jam
20. Hey Porter-Johnny Cash
21. Storms in Africa, Pt. 2-Enya
22. Collapse (Post-Amerika)-Rise Against

4 Responses to “They Grow Up So Fast”

  1. Sydney Says:

    You know that he gets this from ME, right?? Give credit where credit is due! He is playing DJ, and has been ever since he realized he had opposable thumbs. That’s my boy! And a great mix, to boot.

  2. weirleader Says:

    given that I like quite a few of those, I think I’m going to have to reach beyond the realm of “known songs” to try some of the others. Definitely eclectic.

  3. girldetective Says:

    Yes, Drake is playing DJ, which he gets from his auntie. From the above list, Feist, Green Day, Jason Mraz, and Jet CDs were all courtesy of the auntie. In addition to making mix CDs (which we’ve now put a limit on to one a week) he just likes to use the music player and find new songs. Guppy likes the design feature; Drake likes looking at how long the songs are.

    WL, please remember, you’re following the lead of a 5yo here. I make no guarantees for the music. Especially as it’s much more influenced by G. Grod (Fatboy Slim, Pearl Jam, Enya, Flogging Molly, Jet) than it is by me (Old ’97s, and I don’t even much like that song, Moxy Fruvous, and Dandy Warhols.) And his more recent mixes are very Rush and Yes-centric. Those are NOT bands I brought into our marriage.

    I’ve suggested to Drake that we start a “new band a day” program, to expand his horizons. The suggestion box is open.

  4. weirleader Says:

    I fully understand that this comes from the brain of a 5yo, yet based on my children’s taste in music I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there are some common themes that make the music entertaining. I couple that with the fact that to some extent he wouldn’t have heard the music if you hadn’t had it available — leading me to believe that something these bands do appeals to someone in the family.

    I just have a hard time finding interesting new music. I mostly can’t stand what’s on the radio but find it hard to find similar artists to those I already like. For that I rely on my sister-in-law… who listens to the radio and is kind enough to share the stuff she’s pretty sure I’ll like (she does the dirty work and I get the benefit)

    Let’s see… suggestions for Drake:
    (based on songs my kids both love)
    All The Small Things — Blink 182
    Drift Away — Dobie Gray (or the newer cover, they don’t care)
    Alphabet Song — Kermit the Frog with Ladysmith Black Mombazo (admittedly, they loved it more when they were younger; but your kids are a bit younger so it may work)
    Let’s Go Crazy — Prince
    Magic Carpet Ride — Steppenwolf
    lots of Steve Miller

    I’m unsure from the list above which of these will be parentally palatable but several seem similar in style.