The Never-Ending Battle

We live in Minnesota. I have one son in preschool, and one in daycare. Virus season lasts from September to April. We’ve already gone a few rounds, but the current virus is the worst yet. After some online research, I set off to the grocery cooperative to stock up on remedies.

This article, “10 Ways to Boost Immune Health” recommended vitamin C. I got lemons, satsumas and kiwis. It warned against caffeine and sugar, but encouraged sleep, protein, and moderate outdoor exercise.

This article, “How to Treat the Common Cold with Traditional Chinese Medicine” distinguished between colds caused by “wind cold” and “wind heat”. For heat-related symptoms, it recommends Yin Qiao. It also warns against caffeine, and sugar, plus ginseng.

From “10 Best Cold and Flu Fighters“, recommendations for echinacea and andrographis, which I bought in liquid, Yin Chiao, astragalus and elderberry, which I got in pill form, plus my usuals of garlic and ginger, which I put in chicken broth and then pureed.

I took a round of all these that night, then chewed a clove of raw garlic, which caused me to vomit it all back up, then was more ill the next day. After much rest, I’m doing better, but 2yo Guppy is still having trouble, so we’re off to the pediatrician to rule out pneumonia.

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