In Which I Make Excuses…

Longtime reader and email correspondent Holly, of the blog On My Bookshelf, kindly gave this blog a butterfly award. I’m supposed to post the butterfly visual and list other sites, but I’m just terrible at this kind of thing. Thank you, Holly, and please accept my apologies for being lame. Everyone else, go check out Holly’s blog.

Carrie, of the blog Books and Movies, tagged me in a meme about the excuses we use when we’re behind on reading, particularly the books on our shelves. I’m also terrible at memes. I replied in her comments to the post, but I forgot to mention that I often give movies precedence over books and later regret it. Go check out Carrie’s blog, too.

Finally, as always, I apologize because I get and read all your comments but don’t always have time to comment or email back. I do read and enjoy every one, and will try to do better this year about keeping up, because I really value the email pen pals I’ve gained here.

One Response to “In Which I Make Excuses…”

  1. Kate Says:

    And I still enjoy reading the blog, even as my comments and emails wax and wane.