“That was NOT scripted, folks!”

said Mary Lucia, after 5yo Drake told her his favorite band was Rush, at today’s Rock the Cradle event. We got the kids out of the house and to a variety of activities at a free event on a super-cold day. I love it when a plan comes together.

We went three years ago, pre-Guppy with then-2.5yo Drake. It was super crowded, and not so much fun; he didn’t want to do much. This year, though, both boys had a great time. They enjoyed the disco and the instrument room. Guppy liked family yoga with me, and Drake liked being interviewed “on air” by Mary. There were more events and bigger spaces than in previous years, so it was manageable, though still crowded. It was a good reminder that just because something doesn’t work once with the kid(s) doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try again.

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