Eloquently Hating on the “Twilight” Craze

When I asked a bookstore-manager friend why his peers might not have found my on-hold mix up funny, he sighed. Meyers is the current bete-noir of the used bookstores, he said. Teen girls and their moms are forever calling and asking for copies, when the few that come in fly back out again immediately.

So when Jessa Crispin got snarky about Twilight yesterday at Blog of a Bookslut, I was amused, and followed her link to a longer article by Jenny Turner in the London Review of Books. Turner read the books, saw the movie, and wrote about them well. I can now better justify my Twilight disgust without reading the books or seeing the movie. Thank you, Jenny Turner.

For more interesting, complex takes on the vampire myth, start at the beginning if you haven’t read Dracula by Bram Stoker. Then try Agyar by Steve Brust, Anno Dracula by Kim Newman and Sweetblood by Pete Hautman.

One Response to “Eloquently Hating on the “Twilight” Craze”

  1. Kate Says:

    While not as long as the Jenny Turner article (which I liked), I very much enjoyed and chuckled at 3under5’s review at http://www.mommytracks.com–http://www.mommytracksblog.com/breaking-dawn-the-worst-ending-since-pretty-in-pink/