Bolt (2008)

People who talk in movie theaters irritate me. The exception: kids in movies for kids. They talk, and it delights me. I can only hope they’ll unlearn that behavior by the time they’re seeing movies for old people, like me.

5yo Drake and I went to see Bolt at the Riverview Theater with friends. The kids, 5, 4, and 2, were entranced by the show. There were lots of “Dog!” and “Wow!” comments. The story was easy to follow, had cute characters like pigeons and a hamster, and Bolt was endearing, though I found his eyes a little too creepily realistic looking. I like my cartoons to look cartoon-y, thanks.

The plot is a mash up of Toy Story and The Truman Show. Bolt thinks he’s a superdog, but he only plays one on television. When he is accidentally released into the real world, he has to learn to deal with not being super. Along the way, though, he also learns how to be a real dog, which he finds is not a bad trade off.

I doubt the movie would have been so enjoyable with older kids, and it most certainly wouldn’t have been on its own–everything is good, few things are great. But watching it with kids, and experiencing their wonder, along with real-butter popcorn and movie candy, was a delight.

Ironic parallel: Rhino the hamster spends most of his time in a plastic ball. 70’s pop culture mavens may remember one of John Travolta’s, the voice of Bolt, early movies, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

3 Responses to “Bolt (2008)”

  1. Kate Says:

    As I recall, you mentioned you thought Ratatouille was too scary for young children (my Dad now agrees after renting it for the Little Guy during a recent week-long babysitting event–he said they turned it off within the first 20 minutes). Was Bolt better? I’m looking for movies for the upcoming tonsillectomy recovery and other than some Thomas the Train and Muppet Shows, I’m at a loss for something new, movie-wise. He’s 4.5 years old, loves Cars, Toy Story and parts of The Christmas Story. It’d be nice if Bolt was one to rent/own for the week of enforced quiet time. Ugg. I’d love any recommendations.

  2. girldetective Says:

    Bolt had a scary part near the end where Drake sat on my lap and I had to repeatedly whisper that everything was going to be all right. Most recent kid movies are like this, I think. They’re geared more to seven or eight year olds.

    For less violent, I recommend Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. They’re wonderful. Also, perhaps the original Wallace and Gromit trio. Other than that, though, I’d do a daily diet of the better PBS shows: Sesame Street, Fetch, Sid the Science Kid, Word Girl, Word World, Martha Speaks, where ever his interests lie. 5yo Drake loves Cyberchase and Animalia. Not me. I can’t discern good content in them, as in the others.

    You could also get Sesame Street Old School and The Muppet Show on dvd from the library.

    Good luck with the tonsils. I assume the ones coming out are Little Guy’s, not yours.

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks, I’m going to check out the ones you mention and see what the library has–and yes, you assumed correctly.