Post-op update

G. Grod is back to work these past few days after his gall bladder surgery, and is tired, but in no pain. He is rather cranky at the continued restriction on fatty foods–and who wouldn’t be?–but is being a good sport. Drake is confused and put out that G. Grod can’t pick him up, but we’re managing. Some friends (saviors, as far as I’m concerned) brought us meals to help out, other friends have made sure that we have what we need, and still other friends wrote and called to check in and give cheer.

We are very thankful for friends, near and far.

One Response to “Post-op update”

  1. nyc bette Says:

    woah! i didn’t know! please give G.Grod my sympathy and to you my wishes for a speedy recovery on his part…

    if there is anything i can do from afar…let me know.

    be well!