Teaching Moment

I was upstairs in the bathroom, my two boys, 4 and 6yo, were downstairs playing, when I heard a man’s voice saying something to them about donuts.

I raced down the stairs to see my dear friend John K handing a bag of Sarah Jane’s donuts to my younger, Guppy.

So, a friend, and we’d left the front door unlocked.

“What would you have done if it had been a stranger?” I asked the boys.

“Ignored him?” asked 6yo Drake.

“I don’t know,” whispered Guppy, with his hand aside his mouth, even though I was across the room.

“Not quite,” I said. “Try again.”

“Kung Fu skills?” asked Drake.

I bent over laughing. The kid really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda recently.

“Not quite,” I said again once I recovered. “How about yelling, ‘Mom! Help! Strange man! Or you could call 911.”

“Or press the button on the alarm box,” said Drake.

“Exactly,” I said.

Then a friend of mine linked to this article on teaching kids about strangers. I’ll do a follow-up lesson later today.

I’m not sure how to break it to Drake that he doesn’t really know kung fu, though.

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  2. Kate Says:

    I loved this, as did my husband. MAD KUNG FU SKILZ. Maybe let him watch a little Chuck? ;)