A Few Guppy-isms

My younger son Guppy is now four. “And a half!” he always adds. Many of his cute mispronunciations have passed away. While I’m glad his speech is progressing, I do miss his dropped s’s, like ‘poon for spoon, and ‘picy for spicy.

Character names still give him some trouble, especially those from Star Wars, which he got to watch recently with dad G. Grod and big brother Drake. 3CPO, R2B2, and Light Savers aren’t what George Lucas wrote in the script. And the star of Cars, one of the most popular Pixar movies in our house? Lipening McQueen.

One Response to “A Few Guppy-isms”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ooh, we called them either Life Savers or Light Savers forever. Not only was it easier to say, it had a certain logic.

    So lovely to have your posts popping up again on my reader.