Urge to Kill: Fading, Fading*

Whoever stole the sun away from Minnesota these past few weeks finally saw fit to bring it back today, and I for one couldn’t be happier. It’s not enough that the days have been cold, my toddler son Drake is firmly in the “No!” phase, I’m already feeling 7+ months pregnant awkward when I’m not trying to cram both of us into coats and boots to go outside, and I’m tired because I can’t seem to nap (heartburn) or sleep through the night (various pregnancy related discomforts, in addition to a lingering sore throat virus.) So the lack of sun for TWO WEEKS has felt like grievous insult, and has taken its toll. A friend asked how I was feeling the other day. I thought a moment. “Like punching someone.” Fortunately I was able to contain myself. Now that the sun has returned (oh, please, let it stay!) perhaps the other things will feel a bit easier to bear.

*That’s a Simpson’s joke, folks.

3 Responses to “Urge to Kill: Fading, Fading*”

  1. Nopenname Says:

    Unless you have something against taking the medication, I HIGLY suggest getting something perscribed for the heartburn.

    I got Tagamet and was never a more happy pregnant lady in my LIFE. The heartburn was ATROCIOUS the second pregnancy.

  2. girldetective Says:

    Depending on how bad things are between now and my next checkup I’ll look into it. I got some Pepcid, and it doesn’t seem much more effective than the Tums. I rather like the Tums Smooth Dissolve in Peppermint–they remind me of after dinner mints.

  3. Nopenname Says:

    I went through 150 smooth dissolve peppermint tums in about a month.

    I loved the way they cool off the acid feeling in your throat as they work on your stomach.

    Only downside, Calcium Carbonate causes constipation…which not so good at the 7-9 mo pregnant.