2 Family Movies and a MISTAKE

Last weekend we squeezed (squoze?) in two family movies. At home we watched Harry Potter 2 The Chamber of Secrets (the one with the basilisk, the diary and Dobby), with Kenneth Branagh’s brilliant turn as the vain, cowardly Gilderoy Lockhart. 6yo Guppy pumped his fist at the first quidditch scene. So far he and 9yo Drake are handling the images well, so I’m going to continue on to #3, which was my favorite of the films.

Then we went to to see Brave so I could write about the inexpensive but awesome theater where it was showing. Both boys gave Brave a good review, though we had an unfortunate ending when G. had to rush Guppy to the rest room at the end when he complained of feeling ill. Warm theater + too many Skittles was too much for him, so he missed the very end, but didn’t seem that bothered by it. And didn’t actually barf, so all was well that ended well.

With two good movies under my belt, I was feeling cocky. A recent reunion issue of Entertainment Weekly had reminded me of John Hughes’ Some Kind of Wonderful, which I owned but hadn’t re-watched. Rather than obsessing over election results on Tuesday, I decided to watch what I thought would be a cheering, diverting movie. Alas, it was terrible–a lame retread of Pretty in Pink with a pretty Eric Stoltz pining for prettier Lea Thompson while cute-as-a-button Mary Stuart Masterson squirms. I did learn from the EW article that Thompson married the director, (Hughes just wrote and produced) and that they’re still married. That piece of trivia, though, does not merit a recommendation. This, like Weird Science, does not hold up.

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