Sabrina (1954)

#45 in my 2007 movie challenge was Sabrina, part of the Audrey Hepburn Collection that my husband G. Grod got me for Mothers Day, to balance out the other box set. Sabrina is a classic Cinderella tale, with a Parisian transformation, and a handsome “prince” who doesn’t recognize the chauffeur’s daughter who’s been pining after him for years. Holden is delightful as the playboy brother, Bogart is funny, and charming enough to pull off the May/December pairing with Hepburn’s radiant Sabrina. Cary Grant was originally cast in the Bogart role; it would have made an interestingly different film given the variance in the actors’ looks. Only the pre-Paris Sabrina clothes are by Edith Head. Hepburn chose Givenchy to design her character’s transformed look. The role helped to make her a star; the wardrobe made her an icon. (These details are from the documentary DVD extra, more here.)

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