Tim Gunn’s Ten Essentials

I was surprised to find that I couldn’t find a list of the ten essential wardrobe items prescribed by Tim Gunn, on his new show Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. Fortunately, the list wasn’t hard to find elsewhere, thanks to the Budget Babe. (I don’t call myself Girl Detective for nothing; Google is my friend.)

After my sister Sydney helped me rock Value City over the weekend, I own one of everything on this list except a trench coat. I think this short list could meet almost all the dress up/dress down occasions in life.

Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Items Every Woman Needs
- Basic black dress
- Trench coat
- Classic dress pants
- Classic white shirt
- Skirt
- Blazer
- Day dress
- Cashmere sweater
- Jeans
- A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit

11 Responses to “Tim Gunn’s Ten Essentials”

  1. Lazy Cow Says:

    Oh dear, I’m sadly lacking in almost every department. 4 out of 10 (black dress, skirt, day dress, jeans) I have about 16 skirts though :-) I haven’t worn a blazer since I stopped working in an office 7 years ago, and just laugh at the idea of clumsy me and a white shirt. My addition to that list would be a pair of flat, knee high, black leather boots. I live in my Campers, seriously.

  2. Amy Young Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this list! I was really surprised I couldn’t find it on the Bravo web site.

    Take care!

  3. Kelli J Says:

    I agree…I was surprised Tim’s/Bravo website didn’t have the list; thanx for sleuthing. What could be an attractive, comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit? Are we talkin’ warm-up suit? Where’s Value City? Thanx again!

  4. Curlybiter Says:

    I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t on the website. I love, love, love Tim Gunn and Project Runway, but they are going to have to pick up the pace on Guide to Style if I’m going to keep watching. They haven’t posted the list in the hopes that viewers will return. . .

  5. budget babe Says:

    sweet! my bf thought it was kinda odd that i was taking notes while watching the show, but now i can prove him wrong :)

  6. Curlybiter Says:

    If you love Value City check out 15dollarstore.com. Everything is $15 and they’ve got some great bargains that even Tim G. would meet with approval.

  7. girldetective Says:

    Many thanks again to budget babe, and we’re all glad you ignored your bf. Here’s the link for Value City, which is a discount store that has some brand names and other stuff, rather like TJMaxx and Marshall’s. http://www.valuecity.com/ The 15 dollar store that Curlybiter mentions sounds similar; I have terrible luck with online shopping though.

    I’ve kept watching Tim Gunn, but it’s really pretty lame, and relies on gimmicks like sightings of Project Runway personalities and judges. And they keep throwing products at the women, with blatant product placements; it doesn’t sit well. The show overall just feels clumsy. I’m not sure we need another makeover show, though we do need as much Tim Gunn as possible.

    As for the alternative to the sweatsuit, I think they mean something casual and easy, but I don’t like what they’ve suggested–a dress isn’t the same thing! I think something from Eileen Fisher or Sigrid Olson or Chico’s might fit the bill, as long as it’s age appropriate and not figure hiding.

  8. jennifer Says:

    I had the same problem you did. I also find it frustrating that the show puts an emphasis on this list but fails to have it on their website. Thanks for the short ~n~ sweet list.

  9. heather Says:

    I thought it was strange that the list wasn’t on the Bravo website too. But I don’t think this is as basic as he thinks it is. It is very much stylistic. No one can say that a trench coat is just a basic and not a style. I’m going to try and keep an open mind and I’m going to add these things to my wardrobe one purchase at a time and see how it goes. If those basics really do give me something to work with, it’s worth a shot. If not, I’m no worse off than I am now with basically no direction, a closet full of prepregnancy clothes that are too small, maternity wear that is too big, and a ski jacket from Modells that mysteriously smells like ears.

  10. girldetective Says:

    Oh, Heather, I feel your pain. I bought postpartum clothes after my first, got pregnant with my second, then had to buy another set of larger PP clothes after the second birth. I had a lovely, brief period of fitting into the pre-pg clothes, but that passed. I found that Old Navy and Target were helpful to get a handful of items that I would feel bad about wearing only for a little.

  11. Kelli J Says:

    As a single Mom of 2 beautiful girls, I have to be budget-conscious yet want them to have a “workable” wardrobe, too. Is there an “Essentials” list for a 7-year-old & 13-year old anywhere? Thanx for your help, & Happy Holidays!!