Now, I Am a Mom

A few years ago, my husband G. Grod and I saw a commercial for Chex cereal. A woman rhapsodized how her mom had made it at the holidays, and now SHE was the mom, so she made the Chex mix. I can’t remember what the emphasis was–that becoming a mom allowed her the privilege of making the mix, or if making the mix somehow cemented her identity as a mother, but the commercial strongly tied the two together. Chex Mix pretty much equaled motherhood.

So it was with my tongue in my cheek during last week’s homemaking frenzy that I made cereal snack mix for the first time. I used a different brand of cereal (less expensive and not as ethically challenged as Chex), and a recipe from the Dec/Jan 2008 issue of Cook’s Country for an Asian variation with dried ginger and soy sauce. 4yo Drake promptly nicknamed it Snarf Snacks, after something we’d read about in The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder. But he and young Guppy took offense at the wasabi peas, so G. Grod and I have been happily munching it all week.

If my child refuses to eat it, do I still get mom points for having made “Chex” mix?

One Response to “Now, I Am a Mom”

  1. Sydney Says:

    I agree with my sweet nephews. Wasabi Peas are YUCKY. But you def. get mom points, unless you used Puffins in the mix… then we need to talk!

    Kidding of course. You are a great mom.