Project Runway Season 4 episode 4: Outdated Trends

Has Project Runway jumped the shark? I am excited to watch the new episode each week, then feel “meh” once it’s done. It’s gotten easier to tell who will be at the top and bottom simply based on the talking heads. For whatever reason, though, season 4 isn’t working for me.

This week’s challenge was for each designer to take an outdated trend, then group together into threes and update the trends to form a cohesive trio. The challenge was both difficult and complex, and made we wonder if PR has already peaked; it feels like they’re working awfully hard to come up with something “new”.

Since there are still so many designers, it feels more like a whirl of personalities. Christian had a pissy, immature expression when Jillian’s team was named the winner. Jack’s features are ostensibly handsome, but strangely off-putting; I sense some plastic surgery. Ricky is right; Victoria _is_ passive agressive. Is Ricky talented? It will be interesting to see. Steven’s snark is sharper than are his designs. I felt joy for Sweet P when Donna Karan singled her out for praise. And Chris’s jacket was ugly and costume-y, in spite of his delusional love for it.

Jillian, Rami, and Kevin turned out to be the dream team, though Kevin was only able to pull off those shorts at the last minute. I liked the “agree to disagree” discussion between Rami and Jillian about Kevin, and appreciated that they came across as quietly talented. Team Christian, on the other hand, was a lot of sound and fury that signified little.

I’ll keep watching of course, but I’m more compelled by the reruns of Season 2 on my Tivo than the brand new episodes.

OMG! Jack and my favorite Big Gay Chef Dale are dating! I may have to be nicer about Jack.

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One Response to “Project Runway Season 4 episode 4: Outdated Trends”

  1. Kate Says:

    I watch PR one week behind (with some friends, so we can watch late enough to be after kids’ bedtime, but earlier than 10pm). It’s weird–I agree with your “meh” feeling, and with Jack’s odd looks, which got odder as the evening wore on. However, while that jacket was ugly, the dress was not, and to have Chris leave before Ricky really bugged me. I thought Victoria was miserable, but that Ricky obviously had no idea how to work with her (it seems fairly obvious, to viewers anyway, that Victoria is an obsessive perfectionist who is also passive aggressive–just make her be team leader). Given Ricky’s bad outfit last week, to send another badly constructed outfit down would have likely had him kicked off in a regular episode, but the judges seemed sympathetic to his problems with Victoria.