Religion in Battlestar Galactica

I don’t want to go into nerdishly obsessive detail about this, but I think there are some cool things going on in Battlestar Galactica. The original series contained references to leading the tribes out of Egypt (the pilot helmets had Egyptian imagery) to the promised land of Earth, with stately Lorne Greene as the Moses figure.

In the present series, the creators have made some interesting twists, key to which is that the human race created the Cylons as slaves, who then rebelled. The Cylons are monotheists, while the humans believe in a pantheon of gods. There are many references to how the same stories happen over and over, throughout history. Are the Cylons now the analog for the persecuted Christians who rise up against their polytheistic oppressors? If so, why are we rooting for the humans? Further, who is the savior? Even further, will s/he be a lunkhead?

2 Responses to “Religion in Battlestar Galactica”

  1. Vince Tuss Says:

    I can’t help chuckle every time they talk about being players in a story told over and over again.

  2. Girl Detective Says:

    Vince, I agree. It’s clear that the writers have a well-developed sense of ironic humor. Also, I was remiss in noting that, of course, the savior is the cylon/human child fathered by Helo that the season one finale indicates will be a she.