The First Wednesday in November

Hooray for the United States. We did it; we elected Barack Obama to the presidency. Virginia and North Carolina went blue? An historic day, indeed.

Election night had some bitter with the sweet, though. California is close to a ban of gay marriage. Alaska elected a convicted felon. Here in Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann was re-elected, and the Al Franken/Norm Coleman race is too close to call, and headed into recount. And the Comedy Central special was wildly uneven; what’s up when a Harvard law prof out-funnies Colbert and Stewart?

Big changes are imminent, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do.

Edited to Add: G and I decided to let 5yo Drake and 2yo Guppy stay up late to watch election returns. We had a lovely vision of cuddling on the couch as a family, munching popcorn, as we watched history being made. As with much of parenting and life, it didn’t unfold that way. The kids were completely uninterested in election tv, though it got them wound up and running around. Instead, they set up their bowling game, which devolved into throwing the pins (foam at least, for which I was thankful) at one another and at G. and me. And so, to bed for them. Where they didn’t stay, because they were so wound up, so G and I had to keep pausing the coverage to go shoo them back to bed. So much for making memories, eh?

3 Responses to “The First Wednesday in November”

  1. carolyn Says:

    I thought that Ogletree dude was hilarious too! He really had great ripostes!

  2. G. Grod Says:

    Don’t forget who was on the other couch at her laptop, instead of snuggled up watching the returns.

  3. weirleader Says:


    The minute I read that, I knew what was coming! :-)


    That just makes me laugh… hah! And I’m irritated I missed the Comedy Central bit. My brother flipped over briefly but saw nothing interesting. Perhaps it was too early???