A Perfect Fall Supper at Nick and Eddie’s

Before seeing MacBeth last week, my husband G. Grod and I had dinner at Nick and Eddie’s in Loring Park.

They have a new fall menu that’s not up on their site yet. I had braised beef cheek over a root-vegetable puree accompanied by pan-roasted brussel sprouts, all in an intensely flavored house-made reduction of the braising liquid and drizzled with a mustard chantilly sauce. The beef was so tender I cut it with my fork. The whole dish was warm, comforting, and a delicious mix of color, texture and flavor. I sopped up every drop of it with the restaurants wonderful brioche.

For dessert, I had a thick, moist slice of spice cake drizzled with creme fraiche and atop a pool of house-made caramel sauce. The spice cake was rich with the flavor of molasses, and left a pleasant tingle of ginger to let me know it meant business. G. Grod had the chocolate roll-up, which is what Ho-Ho’s dream of growing up to be. Rich chocolate cake surrounds a thick whipped cream filling that tastes faintly of vanilla and is a brilliantly non-sweet counterpoint to the cake.

If you’re craving fall comfort food of the first order, I highly recommend Nick and Eddie’s.

One Response to “A Perfect Fall Supper at Nick and Eddie’s”

  1. weirleader Says:

    Ya know? Every time I read one of your food reviews, I (A) get terribly hungry and have the urge to try someplace of equal gastronomic caliber, and (B) have the distinct sensation that I just don’t “get” food like that and wouldn’t appreciate it if it were before me.

    (BTW, shouldn’t that be “if it WAS before me”? When I mentally diagram that I come up with “was”, but “were” sounds so much more pleasant to my mental ear)

    Not that you need another job(!), but you could easily write for food-review publications.