“Dollhouse” update

I agree with many viewers that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is getting better as it goes, and hope Fox has the sense to renew both it and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I think they make a great Friday double feature, especially now that Battlestar Galactica is over (sniff) and when they’re on, they’re on.

In general, I think the best Dollhouse eps have been the ones that focus on the mythology, and not just Echo.

I have some questions about last night’s episode “Briar Rose”, and since Sepinwall hasn’t posted yet, I’m squirming with impatience to wonder online about them. Don’t read on if you haven’t yet seen it, though I’ll try to be vague.

  • Wow, how about that reveal? Nice one.
  • I thought the “Victor” actor did a great job channeling the other character he was imprinted with.
  • Good fight scene with Ballard. Penikett practice Muay Thai and does his own fighting. I didn’t notice if the other actor was doing his own fighting.
  • Did you notice that “Whiskey” was an address to someone in the room, not a request for a drink? (Whiskey is W in the NATO’s phonetic alphabet word, the naming device for the dolls.) Which of those present is a doll? Topher, Adele, Boyd, Dr. Saunders? I think they strongly hinted in the “Spy in the House of Love” ep that Adele could be a doll. Are they all dolls?
  • And the final scene in the elevator. As they say on 30 Rock
  • 4 Responses to ““Dollhouse” update”

    1. dave Says:

      Whiskey has to be Dr. Saunders. All the rest in the room (Adelle, Boyd, Topher) were exposed to that drug earlier in the season, and reacted as regular humans rather than dolls.

      Add that to Alpha’s dark commentary.

      “Have you always wanted to be a doctor?”


      “That’s a lie.”

    2. carolyn Says:

      i thought alpha looked right at dr. saunders when he said ‘whiskey’ so that was my guess as well.

      i think it’s gotten a little better but all the good episodes have serious continuity issues with the plethora of bad episodes. it’s a very frustrating show to watch.

      and i’m soooo sick of people blaming it ALL on fox. some of it, sure. but doesn’t joss whedon have enough experience with TV series at this point that he can make it all more cohesive.

      if it weren’t for tahmoh, i would’ve stopped watching a while ago.

    3. carolyn Says:

      whoops i meant victor (as “dominique”) not alpha. :)

    4. Steph Says:

      Ok, I just finally watched this episode, and if they could only focus more on the workings of the Dollhouse rather than Echo’s random mission of the week, I’d love the show so much more. I thought the reveal was awesome, and my fiancé was especially happy/impressed as he had just been saying “I hope geeky stoner guy sticks around!” I hadn’t thought of Dr. Saunders being a doll, but it certainly is possible. I still think the Asian tech girl is a mole, but maybe I need to give up that ghost.

      I still hate Topher (he’s like all of Xander’s worst traits distilled), and I may be in the minority with this one, but I also dislike Paul Ballard.