CSA Week 4

This week, our box of veggies from Foxtail Farm included the following: broccoli, cauliflower, basil, lettuce, garlic scapes, radishes with greens, green onions, cuke, sugar snap peas and a cabbage.

I grilled the broccoli, then sprinkled it with salt, lemon juice and flax meal, from the recipe in Super Natural Cooking. I also made espresso banana muffins from that book. While it didn’t use any CSA ingredients (no local bananas in MN) they were tasty, and photogenic.

Espresso Banana Muffins

I plan to make cauliflower soup with pesto and barley (subbed for farro, which I couldn’t find at my grocery co-op) with green onion sauce and asparagus from this book as well.

From Mark Bittman’s Food Matters, I made a cabbage salad, using several suggested additions and variations: sugar snaps, radishes, garlic scapes with sesame oil and lime juice as dressing. It keeps for days, and has been a great vehicle for leftover grilled chicken.

Bittman's Cabbage Salad

I’ll also make Bittman’s tabbouleh, since it’s a kind of catch all for leftover garlic scapes, green onions, radishes, greens and the cuke. I’ll also try his yogurt soup with cuke and radish.

And the sugar snaps will go in salad with the lettuce, or raw out of hand, or dipped in a batch of hummus I plan to make. The boys aren’t eating a lot of this, but my husband and I are eating really healthfully lately.

One Response to “CSA Week 4”

  1. Kate Says:

    I was craving old fashioned midwestern coleslaw last night and used a napa cabbage from the farm share and added shelled peas (LG was eating them hand over fist, raw. Fabulous discovery) from the farmers market. It was the best coleslaw I’ve ever made. Tangy Coleslaw from The Joy of Cooking.

    I love the scapes in salads–I made a version of Fine Cooking’s peas and butter lettuce salad (lettuce from the share, half of the peas mentioned above, herbs from the garden, thinly sliced scapes, with a lemon vinaigrette and grated ricotta salata) which was also fantastic. And LG ate the peas from that as well, so I considered it a victory for all of us.

    We’re getting sugar snaps this week, and I think the idea of them dipped in homemade hummus is great and would appeal to all three of us.