Spaghetti Supper

What do I do when I’m feeling low from a cold? Cook a three-course supper, apparently, as I did last night. In my defense, the cauliflower and lettuces were going bad, and had to be used, and all three dishes together took less than an hour to put on the table.

Spaghetti supper

First was the spaghetti with cheese and black pepper, which I had to make once I saw it at Smitten Kitchen. Funny, I often have that reaction to Deb’s recipes.

Then the roasted cauliflower with kalamata vinaigrette, from one of Gourmet’s last issues. 6yo Drake and 4yo Guppy had to be coaxed, but only a bit to eat theirs, and my husband G. Grod had seconds, and said this is the only cauliflower he’s ever liked.

I topped a mix of green and red leaf lettuce with Romano cheese from the pasta, and the kalamata vinaigrette from the cauliflower, and added some ripe slices of peeled Bosc pear.

Even sniffly, this was not a hard meal for me to make, and all three guys liked at least one of the items. Guppy snarfed down the noodles. This was a winner.

One Response to “Spaghetti Supper”

  1. dawn Says:

    Same! As soon as I read the recipe for that spaghetti I knew we’d have to make it. It was amazing.