Long Live the Colon!

For all my punctuation-geek friends, (of which I know there are many) “Colonoscopy: It’s Time to Check Your Colons” from the Millions (linked from The Morning News):

The jumper colon is a paragraphical Red Bull, a rocket-launch of a punctuator, the Usain Bolt of literature. It’s punchy as hell. To believers of short first sentences—Hemingway?—it couldn’t get any better. To believers of long-winded sentences that leave you gasping and slightly confused—Faulkner?—it also couldn’t get any better. By itself this colon is neither a period nor a non-period… or rather it is a period and it is also a non-period. You choose.

2 Responses to “Long Live the Colon!”

  1. Linda White Says:

    Hi Kristin! (hope I remembered your name correctly!) met you last night at B&B, so looked you up. Looks like a very good blog, I will definitely keep my eye on it. Maybe we can do reciprocal links? Keep an eye out for my article on Books and Bars, I’m going to try to post it today (as long as my power doesn’t go out!)

  2. Linda White Says:

    oh, and you maybe want to check this out - appropo to your post above - article on the blog of The Economist (it’s called Johnson - don’t you just love that?) http://www.economist.com/blogs/johnson/2010/07/style