Sad Bookshelf

This bookshelf is sad because everyone (except me!) has an e-reader:

Sad bookshelf

7 Responses to “Sad Bookshelf”

  1. Amy Says:

    All I see are the words Sad Bookshelf.

    I don’t have an e-reader either. Not sure I really want one, unless I was about to do a lot of traveling by plane.

  2. Inquirer Says:

    I don’t have one either and I am strongly resisting the suggestion by EVERYONE that it would make a perfect Christmas gift. I. Like. My. Books.

  3. girldetective Says:

    Inquirer–I think the best gift would be the quiet space and time to read.

  4. girldetective Says:

    Amy, I fixed the link! Even with traveling by plane, I think I’d still like the physical book. I find it tremendously satisfying to close one and open another, even if bulky.

  5. Amy Says:

    Oh, I’m with you on the opening and closing and turning of pages. I’m just thinking of packing and the bulk of books, especially in this day of airline surcharges. An ereader would be very helpful that way. Otherwise? I’m a book girl.

  6. Elle Says:

    And what about reading in the bath?!

  7. sm Says:

    coming out of lurkdom to say:
    count me in - no kindle for me!
    (but i fear someone WILL think it would be the perfect xmas gift; oh no)