Before and Afters

I am not an efficient or effective purger. My husband is actively opposed to purging. And since the birth of now 5yo Guppy, our house has gone into a slow, steady decline in neatness and cleanliness. I’ve vowed to clean and organize before; my organization tab on this blog is from 2007 (*wince*).

This time, I think I really mean it. I have two cleared horizontal surfaces to show for it. Fingers crossed that I can keep this up.

The magazine table, before (covered with things to donate):

magazine table, before

Magazine table, after:


Entry table, with five years of accumulated non-urgent mail (keep in mind, none of this is quite junk, either; I’m on the DMA’s do-not mail list plus recycle anything that’s obvious. This is all the non-obvious stuff, mostly financial statements):


Entry table, after:


One Response to “Before and Afters”

  1. kate Says:

    I would like to give you a proper congratulations for that. I am the clutter police at our house, but I do let things pile up till I can deal with them. Paper like that and out-grown kids clothes are the bane of my existence. Fantastic job.