A Few Things I Believe In

The other day I wrote about the lurking bad feelings of not liking things that other people love. Today, a few things I embrace fiercely (other than my boys):

Good chocolate, pizza, coffee (mediocre might as well be bad, in my book)
Good televisiom, e.g., Breaking Bad; Parks and Recreation
Popcorn with real butter, with spice drops mixed in
Dum Dums cream soda lollipop (which I always get as my treat after we visit the pediatrician. Because mom often needs a treat after the pediatrician, too.)
Pumpkin Pie
New: Laundry dried on the line
Minnesota State Fair
New comic day
Root beer
Butterscotch pudding

And you?

5 Responses to “A Few Things I Believe In”

  1. Amy Says:

    The smell of pot roast baking (and of course, getting to eat it later)
    Fiction in general (I do like short stories)
    Breaking Bad RULES (oh we have to get together and talk about the finale!!!!
    Dumpy little restaurants with good food rather than fancypants places
    Hiking (fairly new to me)
    Potatoes or eggs, in pretty much any variation
    Cheese and crackers for dinner

  2. girldetective Says:

    Amy, I was flipping through a friend’s copy of this month’s Metro magazine, and it has Jim Grell’s recipe for the Modern’s pot roast!


    I also love hiking, though my husband says if you don’t camp out it’s just walking, but tomato/tomahto. And biking. And I’ll have some, fruit with those cheese and crackers. Oh, and tomato soup with a grilled cheese or tuna melt. Egg salad on an everything bagel.

  3. Amy Says:

    Yeah, um, camping? not so much. Hiking I will do. I subscribe to Metro and ripped out that recipe and plan to try it this week. Egg salad! My egg salad–curried, with dill, on whole grain bread with arugula.

  4. girldetective Says:

    I do not believe in camping. The end.

  5. Steph Says:

    Hurrah for naps! I so wish my fellow North Americans embraced napping as fiercely as I do!

    Other things on my list:
    Traveling as widely as one can
    Pork products, stinky French cheeses, summer peaches
    Asian cuisines
    Gin & tonics
    Really good television (e.g., Buffy, The Wire, Arrested Development)
    Flirty skirts and shoes
    Jewel tones (esp. pinks & purples)
    Golden Age detective fiction