Speaking of Things From Childhood

Since we’ve been revisiting the books of our youth this week as part of the Summer of Shelf Discovery readalong, I was amused to see Linda Holmes at NPR write about the 70’s game show Match Game and how Richard Dawson often stole the show.

I vividly recall watching this show over the years: Match Game 76, 77, and 78 (I think he popped a balloon that year to mark the change) and then it became PM, and I think we stopped watching it when we moved to Worthington Ohio. It’s paired in my mind with the Adam West Batman, and these are what I think of when I wonder if I’m letting my kids watch too much television.

Speaking of the Adam West Batman, here’s a bit at HuffPo with a 1972 Public Service Announcement featuring one of my favorite heroines of youth, Batgirl.

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