Obsessing Nerdishly over Halloween Candy

I’ve been writing about Halloween Candy, and detailed my tops picks at Minnesota Monthly’s TC Taste Blog.

But in “researching” that article and another I just turned in, I may have gotten a little carried away procuring this year’s treats to hand out next week:


Every year we run out. This year might be different.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? I did a poll of the bus stop moms and was surprised to find two of my most-hated candies were picked as most loved by others: candy corn and Three Musketeers (nougat=blerg). To each her own; vive la difference!

4 Responses to “Obsessing Nerdishly over Halloween Candy”

  1. Amy Says:

    Basic candy corn is gross, but if you get a better quality, it’s not bad. I like Kowalski’s candy corn. Especially mixed with salted peanuts, it’s like eating a Salted Nut Roll.

  2. girldetective Says:

    I wish they made Halloween sized Pearson’s Nut Rolls; I’ve become a convert since moving to MN.

  3. Amy Says:

    Me too.

  4. girldetective Says:

    Amy,they DO make snack sized Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls! A five pound bag is about $35. I’ve emailed them to ask where I can get them. I swore I was done buying Halloween candy… http://www.amazon.com/Salted-Nut-Roll-Size-count/dp/B004CH4VWK