More Candy! Woo!

From my article “Tremendous Treats: Finding the Fun in Halloween” at Simple Good and Tasty, in which I defend candy:

Yet most of us also harbor happy childhood memories of coming home from a night of trick-or-treating with a pillowcase or plastic pumpkin full of goodies. The enjoyment was extended by sorting candy, trading it, and slowly (or not-so-slowly) consuming it over the next several days. It’s good to remember that there is joy in this candy-centric holiday that can easily get stifled by well-meaning adults.

In my last post, I linked to the other piece I wrote on candy. I thought I was done buying Halloween candy. Then I biked past Lund’s the other day and went in to check things out. Here’s what I found (and, if it’s not obvious, brought home with me):


Yes, those are Halloween-sized Pearson’s Salted Nutrolls and Mint Patties!

And, if that weren’t enough, which is OBVIOUSLY wasn’t, I bought these because the packages are so FREAKING ADORABLE:


Bat-black dots that are BLOOD-orange flavored–how clever is that?

In case you’re wondering, both Drake and Guppy declared that the bat dots were better than the ghost dots. Also, 2 our of 3 of us declared Pearson’s mint patties better than York. And, Drake is wrong, so it is really unanimous.

This is the end of Halloween candy buying. Really. I mean it.

One Response to “More Candy! Woo!”

  1. Patricia Says:

    I only wish we had that here. Last night the boys got individual bags of Doritos and Lays potato chips. Canada … that is just wrong.