“Come Closer” by Sara Gran


I started to write this, then got sucked into Facebook, and well, I’m not sure how much time has passed.

A friend lend me Come Closer by Sara Gran, and said that both she and her husband liked it. Since I know they often disagree significantly, I was intrigued, and then the book itself proved them out. It’s about a young woman who starts having personality problems and wonders if she’s becoming possessed by a demon. It’s a scary, fast but complex read, reminding me of Rosemary’s Baby and other classic horror stories without being overly gory as much modern horror is. Highly recommended.

Then, in a weird burst of synchronicity, I found two related articles online yesterday.

1. How a brain affliction can mimic possessions symptoms


2. How a doctor got in trouble for diagnosing possession

Apparently Boston is the crazytown bananapants of possessed/not possessed.

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