Most Used Kitchen Item

As the surface of our large non-stick surface eroded, my husband G. Grod and I began to use our cast-iron skillet more. Family legend says this skillet belonged to my great grandmother. I’m not sure this is true, though, as one of my sisters has a skillet with the same story. Plus my grandmother is a garage-sale maven, so one or both skillets may have been purchased over the decades. When I first acquired the skillet, I made the classic, wince-inducing mistake of scrubbing off its patina. Since then, we have worked hard to get it back, and it now has a pretty much nonstick surface.

It resides permanently on our stovetop. We use it for eggs, grilled-cheese sandwiches, corn bread, and any recipe that calls for a large skillet. My husband takes care of it properly, by scrubbing it with salt, never using soap, and seasoning it after every use. And it has rewarded us by becoming the most used item in the kitchen.

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