Nice Bike!

During my recent Arizona vacation, I had the opportunity to ride a cute pink bike that belonged to my friend Becca . I bought a cute pink helmet and I got on a bike for the first time in over fifteen years.

I enjoyed it so much I visited Behind Bars Bicycle Shop with my husband when I got back to Minnesota, and I got a cute bike of my own. G. Grod has been giving Behind Bars much of our disposable income since last year when he bought a bike and began commuting the 13 miles each way to work a few times a week, though not during winter (Nov. to Apr., approximately).

Our family now has four regular vehicles: a Nissan Maxima, a Mountain Buggy Urban Double stroller, G’s bike (a Redline 925) and my new bike, a yellow Sun Retro Aluminum Cruiser. Our one-car life is working out even better now that I have wheels of my own.

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