Catch Up? I Can Barely Keep Up!

For the past several years, and the past three domiciles, I’ve wanted to get organized, and catch up on all the magazines, and bibs and bobs of paper and photos that have accumulated over the last decade (ulp!) or so. Two moves and two children made getting my act together all the more difficult. I’ve got boxes full of drifting and shifting piles.

I am beginning to suspect that if I am ever to make a dent in the backlog, I’ll just have to throw all the old stuff out without looking at it or reading it, and then more fiercely police what comes into the house. Already I’ve reduced our magazine subscriptions to four, I recycle whatever we can, I donate frequently, and I take superfluous books to Half Price Books. On bad days, it feels as if I’m barely making a dent, which is further reason for me to consider a virtual fire of all the old stuff, and start anew.

2 Responses to “Catch Up? I Can Barely Keep Up!”

  1. carolyn Says:

    my dad and i both have this bad habit of being like no no no we’re not throwing out ANY of [whatever] until we’ve read all of them. but we’ve both had to realize there there is a “point” at which there is no longer any “point” in keeping the pile because it would take more than the years we have left to go through it.

    nothing wrong with declaring a fresh start.

  2. girldetective Says:

    My “point” is usually when I move, so I’m going to have to come up with a new milestone.

    Hmm. Perhaps that’s one reason why I’ve moved every 2-3 years up till now. Or, conversely, why I leave things till a move.