Do Not Adjust Your Computer Screens

If you’re reading this on a feed, you might want to click through to see the new look. In honor of my 40th, I looked for a new Wordpress theme. I found two I liked–Coffee Chick, and Sakura with cherry blossoms. Coffee Chick seemed to suit the mood of the site more, but I was sad to forgo the cherry blossoms, since I like them even better than Coffee Chick’s yellow roses. And then, voila, my tech-monkey husband G. Grod combined them, so I get coffee chick, plaid, AND cherry blossoms. Hurrah! In many and various ways, I am a fortunate woman.

10 Responses to “Do Not Adjust Your Computer Screens”

  1. pussreboots Says:

    I’m a new subscriber so I can’t really say how the new look compares to the old loo. I can tell you that the new look is easy on the eyes.

  2. thalia Says:

    Um,, sweetie you know I love you, but the plaid has to go. The rest of it is quite lovely, though.

  3. Vince Tuss Says:

    Wow, quite the change. But nice.

  4. girldetective Says:

    But I love the plaid! Sigh. G. Grod said he thought it was too much, too. As Tim Gunn says, “That’s a lotta look.” I’ll think about it. As Tim says too, perhaps I need “Edit! Edit!”

  5. Kate Says:

    Ooh, I like the plaid too! At first I went “whoa” but then I noticed what a lovely brown and pink it is. I guess I could see how it MIGHT be too much, but it’s so purdy!

  6. gretchen Says:

    I like the new look, including the plaid. It says so much about what this site is. And I love the cherry blossoms—they make me hopeful that spring will eventually come!

  7. Vince Tuss Says:

    Yes, the plaid is double-plus good. Reminds me of personalized stationery.

  8. weirleader Says:

    I’m kinda ambivalent about the plaid, but it does occur to me that it sort of forces the eyes away from the sides of the page toward the important stuff, the writing! :-)

  9. Sydney Says:

    I love it… I agree that the plaid might seem busy, but it appeals to our redheaded nature, as it would make a lovely scarf or wrap on us! :)

    The cherry blossoms (and the red buds) have already started blooming here in Atlanta. It’s 72′ and sunny here today. Hopefully, Spring will arrive for you soon. (before June, perhaps?)

  10. girldetective Says:

    OK, I think the majority, which includes me, likes the plaid for now. Maybe I’ll revisit it for the blog’s anniversary in June. That’ll make six years of blogging, and ten years of being a Minneapolitan for me!