Bones–The Banter is Back!

A new episode of Bones aired this week, and I was glad for its return.

Did anyone else recognize the actress who played Sweets’ girlfriend April as Delia Fisher from My So Called Life, the nice girl who had a crush on Ricky? Her name is Senta Moses.

The trademark Bones banter was in the forefront, the snoozy murder in the background, and there were some excellent scenes featuring all the main characters.

There was no mention of this season’s big bad, Gormogon, but a recent blurb in EW said the identity would be revealed this season. When asked if it was Sweets, the creator laughed. I hope that meant it’s absurd, because he’s a great recurring character. Why do I think it’s not absurd? He obsessed over the file in an ep earlier this season, and as a psychologist has access to impressionable and possibly criminal young boys.

One Response to “Bones–The Banter is Back!”

  1. carolyn Says:

    i recognized her although she’s a lot skinnier now (looked a little too skinny to me!)

    no changies! no takebacks!