Iron Man (2008)

Woo. Iron Man is a lot of fun. I am a comic-book geek (not redundant, by the way), but I’m not very familiar with the Iron Man story. I still enjoyed this movie a lot. Robert Downey, Jr. is great as Tony Stark, a playboy weapons tycoon who undergoes a crisis of conscience. Paltrow is a good foil. Terrence Howard is strong as the military friend, and Jeff Bridges is over the top, but appropriately so given his role.

Warning for geek boys: my husband G. Grod was very, very disappointed that Black Sabbath’s song Iron Man was not used in the film as it was in the trailer. Instead, it was sampled throughout.

7 Responses to “Iron Man (2008)”

  1. Amy Says:

    We’re going to see it today. Thanks for the warning about the song–The Teen has been hyped about that for days. I’ll set his expectations appropriately. :-)

  2. girldetective Says:

    G. Grod says he hated the music overall, as did Wil Wheaton on his blog.

    Imdb’s trivia has a lot of details on the creation of the music.

    And Monty on Movies mentions that there was stuff after the credits. D’oh. I guess I’ll have to see it again. Quel dommage.

  3. Amy Says:

    The Teen thought the music was fine. Both kids saw the post-credits stuff; DH and I, being older, had to use the restrooms and left. I understand the post-credits stuff was pretty fun. Guess I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD.

  4. girldetective Says:

    Oh, silly me. I’ll just wait to see a new movie in the coming weeks, then accidentally go into the Iron Man theater to catch the last few minutes.

  5. weirleader Says:

    just saw it last night - sweeeeeeet! :-)

    I also was familiar with Iron Man, but never knew the story too well. I probably read a comic or two with him in it about 20 years ago, but that barely counts. Anyhow, both I and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it - I even enjoyed Paltrow, who is not one of my favorite actors.

    And lastly, the post-credits stuff. I remembered just before we left the theater (after reading about it here) and made my wife sit down to see it. But either it was really short (I think - maybe 10-15 seconds) or we still got fooled and left too early. So could some kind reader let me know if I still missed out, or was the one scene I saw the only scene?


  6. girldetective Says:

    I think that was the only scene. I saw the clip on Youtube, though I’m not sure it’ll be up still. It’s not long, and has a famous actor playing a famous Marvel character, and mentioning a famous Marvel group.

    Is that vague enough to be non-spoilery?

  7. Elvira Says:

    See I thought I heard Black Sabbath in the trailer, but my friend was like, no it’s the theme from the old Iron Man cartoon. I’m not sure I believe him since I saw the traier only once, and didn’t even know there was an Iron Man cartoon.