The Dark Knight (2008)

It’s not hype if it’s true; Dark Knight is the best new film I’ve seen this year.

Unfortunately, star Christian Bale appears to be in some trouble.

2 Responses to “The Dark Knight (2008)”

  1. Steph Says:

    I’m excited to go and see this! We held off on going this weekend, but I think we’re going to hit it at the drive-in (my preferred means of seeing movies!) soon. I was hoping for a double-header of Dark Knight and Hellboy II, but that looks to be unlikely to happen (instead they’ve paired DK with Journey to the Center of the Earth… which: really?), and of the two, I’m more interested in seeing the former.

  2. Amy Says:

    I’m with you. And Heath Ledger was amazing. At first I thought he was a bit over the top, but as the movie went on, I found his performance more and more chilling.