Family Fair Trip

Our little family of four went to the MN State Fair this morning, foregoing the double-wide stroller so we could park n ride. I found that the closest park n ride to us, Highcrest Park, isn’t ideal. The buses aren’t frequent to and from even though they’re listed as running every 15, they run less often. We’ve done better at the surface lots at the U of MN. They’re a bit farther to drive, but a much shorter bus ride, with much more frequent buses.

It’s very hard to keep the boys moving; they’re prone to stop and stare. While some might romanticize this–oh, look, they’re stopping to smell the “roses” of the fair!–it can be quite frustrating for G. Grod and me, who aren’t mesmerized by dirty water trickling into a drain, bumper cars, and watching the sky ride cars go ’round. These are ironic, too, in that 5yo Drake refused to visit supposedly kid-friendly things like the baby animal barn. The boys’ initially slow pace wound down as the morning wore on, but they LOVED the river raft ride, kidway rides and sky ride. We ate pork chop on a stick–LOVE!–french fries and a strawberry malt for breakfast. For lunch, a pronto pup, fried cheese curds, lefse with butter and brown sugar, jerk sausage on a stick, birch beer and a pickle pop, the latter of which was, not surprisingly, a mistake. And I was careless with my sunscreen–my nose is red.

I still haven’t been to fine arts building, or the little farm hands with Drake, and there are still some favorite foods I haven’t gotten too, like the mocha on a stick, corn, lingonberry ice cream, Sweet Martha’s cookies, and mini donuts. Plus the Nitro ice cream and handmade tater tots sound good.

Oh, so much food and so much to see. So not-enough money and time.

4 Responses to “Family Fair Trip”

  1. carolyn Says:

    wow, i haven’t had lefse in years. you are really bringing back the memories. ;)

  2. Kate Says:

    All your fair talk got me motivated to look up ours. Unfortunately, it’s in Detroit (a bit of a drive for us) and doesn’t seem to have near the cool stuff yours does. Ahh well–it’s back to school week for us anyway.

  3. Sydney Says:

    Will I be seeing any pics of this family trip? BTW… I have shared all your fair food reviews with my radio stations in Rochester, Faribault and Sioux Falls.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Not such a fan of the pickle pop, eh? I took my boys (6 and 8) to the Great Minnesota Get-together yesterday. We spent all of our time in the various animal barns. Oldest son tried cheese curds for the first time and has declared them his new favorite food; he also had a butterscotchy (cream-filled yellow cake [e.g., twinkie] dipped in butterscotch, then frozen), which was remarkably good. Kicking myself for not searching out the chocolate-covered bacon.

    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings were searing when I saw them on Friday night. You may be interested in this: