Happy Birthday, G

My husband G. Grod’s birthday is today. He was only 23 when we started dating, and met my family a few months later when he came with me to my sister’s wedding, which took place on his 24th birthday. He was an excellent date for the wedding–a helpful and calming presence in the midst of my even-more-tightly-wound-than-usual family. My family and I discussed doing something at the wedding to recognize his birthday–a toast, a dance, anything. Then the wedding happened, and we totally forgot.

We forgot his birthday.

Thank goodness for friends Buffy and Ace, who did celebratory shots with him during the bride and groom’s first dance. The next day, he was very gracious about us having forgotten.

That was thirteen years ago. We continued to date, got engaged, married, moved to Minnesota, and had 2 boys, 5yo Drake and 3yo Guppy. We’ve done pretty well, I think. Perhaps in part because I’ve never forgotten his birthday since.

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