Infinite Summer-y week 3, pages 127-181

Welcome back, fellow Jesters. Here’s the recap for this week’s pages OF INFINITE JEST 127-181:

circle2p127 A sweat-licking guru lives in the ETA weight room and dispenses advice for sweat.

p128 yrstruly, Poor Tony, and C go on a crime spree, acquire heroin from Dr. Wo. The heroin is laced with Drano and C dies after shooting up. yrstruly is going to Detox.

circle1p135 3 NOVEMBER Y.D.A.U. Orin speaks to Hal by phone.

p137 Background of the Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House.

p138 Bricklayer story (DFW incorporates urban legend)

p140 Hal’s paper on active and passive heroes.

p142 Steeply’s article about the woman who had an artificial heart in her purse when it was snatched by a person with a feather boa.

p144 List of Anti-O.N.A.N. groups.

p144 Why videophony never took off.

circle1p151: Drug tests at E.T.A; Mike Pemulis sells sterile urine.

circle1p157 WINTER B.S. 1960 – TUCSON AZ: Himself’s father (Hal’s grandfather) prepares to teach Himself how to play tennis, tells of the incident that ended his own tennis career, and drinks heavily.

p169 — 4 NOVEMBER YEAR OF THE DEPEND ADULT UNDERGARMENT: Michael Pemulis acquires some “incredibly potent” DMZ.

p172 — TENNIS AND THE FERAL PRODIGY, NARRATED BY HAL INCANDENZA (etc.): Hal narrates a film made by Mario. The narration consists of a series of how-to instructions “Here is how to do individual drills …”

p176 — SELECTED TRANSCRIPTS … WEDNESDAY, 4 NOVEMBER – YEAR OF THE DEPEND ADULT UNDERGARMENT: A series of statements made by recovering addicts at Ennet House.



Lyle: Guru who lives in ETA weight room and apparently subsists off other people’s sweat.

yrstruly: Narrator of the “dopesick” chapter. Addict, criminal.

C: yrstruly’s companion who dies after shooting up with heroin laced with Drano.

Dr. Wo: Sells heroin to C and yrstruly but it’s laced with Drano to punish their crew-mate Poor Tony (waiting outside) for a past grievance.

Poor Tony: yrstruly’s companion, possibly suspected that heroin was laced but said nothing as C. shot up.

Guy Who Didn’t Even Use His First Name: So into the “anonymous” scene that he remained completely so. Founded the Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House.

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  1. Heidi Says:

    Also, I now have great justification for my utter dislike of videophony: I prefer the bilateral illusion of unilateral attention.