Well, That Sorta Worked

Halloween went a bit better this year. Drake was excited to dress up as a cowboy, but when it came to trick or treating, he asked G. Grod to carry him between houses, so what with that and the cold, they weren’t out very long. Nonetheless, along with the slew of candy he got at preschool, Drake had PLENTY of candy.

An aside: what’s with all the candy at preschool? THEY’RE THREE. Their little bodies can’t handle much sugar. I was the odd mom out and gave organic dried apple slices. I don’t think the kids are old enough or cynical enough to resent me for that, yet.

I told Drake that he could go through his candy, pick six pieces, then put all the other extra candy in our Halloween tin. Then overnight, we’d get a visit from the Sugar Sprite (got the idea from A Toy Garden), who would take our extra candy and leave a special gift.

Drake seemed to buy this, and picked out six pieces, and put the others in the tin. I was nearly breaking my arm patting myself on the back. But this morning, he opened the tin, found the 3-pack of Guido, Luigi and a tractor from the movie Cars, and only seemed mildly excited. A little later, he asked, “Can I have the extra candy?”

I reminded him the Sugar Sprite had taken it.

“Can you call her?”

“Um, maybe. But if you want the extra candy, you’ll have to give her back the cars,” I said, thinking this would settle the matter.

He called my bluff, gathered them up, and held them out. I told him the Sugar Sprite wouldn’t be home till later, and felt very fortunate when he got attached to the cars, and agreed to enjoy his one treat (a Tootsie pop) for the day, and finally stopped asking about the extra candy.

I don’t think this stands a chance of working next year. And I bet the dried apple slices won’t, either.

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